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Median Financial Ratios

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Topline Financials
Assets Under Management (AUM)
Total Revenue
Revenue Yield on Average Annual AUM
Active Clients
Gross Profit Margin
Earnings before Owners' Compensation %
Operating Profit Margin
Pre-Tax Income per Owner
Staff Productivity
Revenue per Active Owner
Revenue per Professional
Revenue per Staff (total headcount)
AUM per Active Owner
AUM per Professional
AUM per Staff (total headcount)
Service or Support Adviser per Senior Advisory Professional
Percent of Staff that are Professionals
Percent of Staff that are Active Owners
Client Productivity
Active Clients per Active Owner
Active Clients per Professional
Active Clients per Staff (total headcount)
Revenue per Active Client
AUM per Active Client
Direct Expense per Client
Overhead per Client
Operating Profit per Active Client
Count of Firms


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2017 Revenue growth target:
2018 Revenue growth target:
2022 Revenue growth target:

Percentage of Firms Who Met Their 2017 Revenue Growth Target


Sources of Client Growth

Sources of AUM Growth


Historical Data

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Source: 2018 InvestmentNews Study of Pricing & Profitability: Benchmarking the Financial Performance Study of Advisory Firms